Thursday, July 30, 2009


Getting a promotion can be an exciting time for a person. Just hearing the news from her employer that she was chosen out of all the eligible candidates for the position makes her feel good. She goes home, very happy and tells her family the good news. The only problem is that she only thought about the advantages of the promotion and not the disadvantages.
The advantages are that she does get a pay raise, she gets to have a some more authority, and she can see that her hard work is paying off.
The disadvanages are that she is having to work longer hours, thus being away from her family even longer and she finds that she is not happy in her new position. She gets very little training for the position and is left to pretty much train herself. She finds herself wishing that she had her old job back, but that position was quickly refilled.
My question is should she stay in her new position or try to find a different one? Keep in mind, she has already been in the new position for six months and she is still not happy with it. Yet, she is making more money and she did climb up a notch on the corporate ladder of the company.