Monday, October 26, 2009

When You're Sick

When a person is sick, does he automatically jump to conclusions about his illness or does he actually get a few "expert" opinions? I was sick last week with the flu, not the N1H1, but the flu that we've all known about for years. It is amazing how many different opinions I got from people in and outside of the medical profession. A virus, whether it be the flu-virus or some other type of virus can take a lot out of a person. In the past, I have had the 24-hour kind in which I was completely well after 24 hours. Last week, I had the flu-virus and was sick for the entire week. I do not envy anyone who is sick. It definitely takes a toll on them and their loved ones. If it had not been for a family member, I would have been in trouble. My grandma got the medicine and food I needed and brought it to me. She wore a mask to try to reduce the chances of her getting the flu. So far, so good. My own doctor thought that I might have the N1H1 version due to it being on the rampage now. But, I had the older version. Funny thing is that I got it right after I took the flu shot. I was healthy as a horse and then I got the flu. I took the flu shot last year and I did not get the flu from it then. But, being as sick as I got this time around, I will not be taking the shot again next year. I won't try to talk other people out of it since it might be beneficial for them. I would just tell people to talk to their doctors about it and get an expert opinion. There are way too many people who want to jump to conclusions when it comes to a virus or illness. Doctors went to medical school and deal with sick people all the time. I'd much rather get an educated opinion than an opinion of someone who is just guessing. My advice to anyone who is sick is to drink plenty of fluids. Orange juice has vitamin C and can help boost your immune system. Drinking hot broth helps sooth sore throats as well. The main thing I would say is to see your doctor as soon as you first experience symptons. The earlier the virus is caught, the easier it is to treat. If not caught in time, you may have to just wade things out until it goes its course. Hope everyone stays well out there and take good care of yourself.