Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Should we get involved?

It is easy for us to go through our lives, focusing on ourselves, our families, and our friends. But, it is quite another thing for us to focus on someone outside of our family or friendship circle. One day, I stopped at a store out-of-town to use the restroom before I started my drive back home. The day had been just an ordinary day and I was not expecting anything to change that. That is, until I stepped out of the bathroom stall. There was a woman who was leaning against the corner in the bathroom. She was crying and visibly shaken. She looked up, saw me, and proceeded to tell me a lot of sad, horrible things she had been through. Her brother had died right before her eyes from a fatal gunshot wound. Her parents were killed in a car accident. She had just been laid off from her job. She was living with a very abusive boyfriend who not only beat her, but had almost killed her on one occasion. I told her that she needed to get away from her boyfriend because things could get even worse. She told me she had nowhere else to go and no money to rent or buy a place of her own. She apologized for telling me so much but said she just had to get it off her chest. After that, she told me she had to go because he would be done shopping and would be very upset if he had to wait on her to get to the car. I never saw the woman again as I lived in another town and have no idea what her name was or where she lived. I only know that even though she was a stranger, it broke my heart to think of anyone having to go through what she had went through and be so alone. The only person she had in her life abused her. My questions are could I have done more to help this lady, should I have not listened to her or gotten involved in the first place, or did I help her the best that I could given the circumstances?


  1. Wow. I can only hope she found help somehow. There are shelters she could go to and, with no family to worry about, she'd probably be a better candidate than most for hiding out somewhere like that. He'd have no repercussions, nothing to hold over her. She could just disappear into the safety of a shelter.

  2. That's a tough one! I think you probably did the best you could in those circumstances. I hope she got away from the boyfriend. This story makes me thankful for my normal, although sometimes boring, life!