Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Kanye West incident at the VMA awards

As most people know by now, Kanye West outdid himself at the VMA awards. I have noticed that Kanye likes to steal the spotlight for any publicity that he can get. He has done similar incidents in the past. This time he picked on a 20 yr old white girl. I've noticed that he always picks on white people, like Mike Myers. I think Kanye should go to therapy and work out his hatred towards white people. It's obvious from his recent actions and past actions that he has a problem with white people. We are all people and this racism thing is getting really old. I am glad that Kanye apologized to Taylor. That was a positive step in the right direction. Now, he needs to get counseling and hopefully work his issues out. Maybe then he can focus on his attitude and then he might be the one getting an award at the VMA's next time around. This time, with noone stealing the spotlight.


  1. Yeah, he's got a being black complex. It's sad. I agree, he needs help! I'm tired of him pulling the race card everywhere!!

  2. I know some people may find what I typed about Kanye to be offensive, but it is true. I remember incidences in the past where he acted out. They all involved someone who was white. I don't understand it because I would never act ignorant like that to anyone, regardless of their color or race. I just hope he is sincere about wanting to get help now and that he actually does.