Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Job

My first job was as a receptionist at a local nursing facility. I was 16 years old and still in high school. The job was nice because I was inside a heated/airconditioned facility. Also, I enjoyed helping out the residents by refilling their water pitchers, bringing them their meals, and generally listening to all the stories they would tell. I had to answer the phone in a polite manner and take messages for employees. I also did various tasks when asked such as faxing documents, keeping the desk organized, checking the doors when an alarm went off, and running errands for the facility. I loved the job. I quit the job at age 18 to make a little more money and to get more hours.


  1. What a great first job! I'm in awe of all of you who had first jobs that involved helping people. I was just shoveling popcorn.

  2. That's an awesome first job. You got to help people, which I'm sure made you feel good, along with the nice paycheck.